As you probably know, AliExpress is an extremely popular retail platform, whose order volume exceeds that of Amazon and eBay combined. And AliExpress’ prices are so low that you can multiply them by 10 and still have the best offers in your market. No wonder that so many online entrepreneurs are keen to start a ..


HI! I want to express my opinion about Xiaomi video register. I bought it about 1 month ago. The price was very reasonable so I decided that it is high time to get the present for me. When I looked at the box,  There were signs on it. The advertisement says that it has a ..

Xiaomi MI6

Hi! I am gonna name positive features of Xiaomi MI6. Why? To be honest, I am really satisfied with it. I bought it last week in the shopping mall. I had problems with my old smartphone. To be precise, the battery wasn’t able to be charged.  This smartphone has full HD resolution. The recording is ..

Lenovo MIIX 710 core i7

Hello! My name is Alex. I want to express my opinion about a tablet Lenovo Miix 710. It was given for me by my old friend as a present at my house warming party. He adores new technics. I have noticed that he always tries to buy something new. He follows different blogs about upcoming ..

Sjcam s7legend

Hi, all! I am going to share my impressions about my present. Two months ago my brother gave me SJCAM SJ6 Legend Action Camera. We had talked about my B-Day party and he said that the gift would shock me. I have opened the box and it was really so. Whilst my guests were sitting ..

DJI Mavic PRO and DJI Goggles Review

I have been using for about 2 years. First I needed to find a present for my 10-year-old nephew. As far as he was crazy about Star Wars, I dreamt to give him wall stencils or stickers. Scrolling, I didn’t even notice how I had spent 3 hours searching. I was shocked by ..


One thing you will first notice when you go to Lazada is the modern and appealing layout of its website. The colors blend well and are easy to the eye. The displays are interactive, they will change when you hover your mouse on different areas making browsing really fun. Apart from the eye-catching and user ..